Welcome to Risen Phoenix Designs! As someone with a deep passion for art I have decided to share my obsession here on Etsy! Each piece of art listed in my shop is an original, one of a kind artwork inspired by life, nature and the human condition.

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About My Artwork:
Quality paper, ink and watercolor pencils are used exclusively in my artwork to ensure durability and long lasting color. All artwork is created in my home studio (a.k.a the former guest room) to ensure that no allergens are around my supplies. My studio is 100% pet free. As someone who understands allergies and asthma I always wash my hands before touching my supplies to ensure that allergy suffers will not have an allergic reaction. As an asthmatic our home is non-smoking.

About Me:
My name is Dina, I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband of seven years and our doberman Titian. I love writing, creating art and knitting. As a freelance writer I enjoy writing detailed product reviews on Review Time. If you are an Etsy jewelry artist who would like to be featured in a detail review feel free to contact me. Reviews include: a slide-show featuring high quality photos of your jewelry, detailed review ranging in length from 350-1500 words, and links to your shop are posted within the review and on Review Time's featured links section.

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Thank you for visiting my shop, please feel free to contact me with any questions.


P.s I am a member of the North Florida Craft Revolution http://www.etsy.com/teams/5265/north-florida-craft-revolution